About Dreadlocks

Q1: Is the price for one locs?
A: No, it's for one bundle, 20 locs.

Q2: Are the locs full handmade? Are they 100% human hair?
A: Yes. Our locs are full handmade with 100% human hair. You can test the material by burning test.

Q3: Can the locs be bleached or dyed?
A: Yes. All human hair locs can be bleached and dyed. Our natural black color locs can be bleached to the lightest color.

Q4: How many locs are needed for a full head?
A: Normally, 
0.4-0.6cm, about 80-120 locs. 
0.8cm, about 60-100 locs.
1.2cm, about 60-80 locs.
1.5cm, about 40-50 locs.
You can add or decrease based on your own needs. 

Q5: Do you support custom color or thickness?
A:Yes, of course. Please contact us for more details.